SABOR Sunday Column
San Antonio Board of REALTORS®

These articles appear each Sunday in the Real Estate section of the San Antonio Express News.

04/21/19 - Things to Consider When Choosing Your Next Neighborhood
04/14/19 - 8 questions to ask prospective listing agents
04/07/19 - You’re not just buying the house
03/31/19 - What do sellers have to disclose to you when you buy a home?
03/24/19 - Preparing to Sell your First Home
03/17/19 - What to Know About Searching for Homes Online
03/10/19 - Tips for First-Time Home Buyers
03/03/19 - Tips for Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal
02/24/19 - Thinking of selling your home? You have some decisions to make
02/17/19 - 8 tips to avoid stress when buying a home
02/10/19 - How to Price Your Home for Success
02/03/19 - Four Tips to Avoid When Negotiating on Home Price
01/20/19 - Buying a home in the next year? Use this 12 Month Guide
01/13/19 - Four myths about selling your home
01/06/19 - Five questions to help you decide between a new or existing home
12/30/18 - Eight do’s and don’ts for buying your first home
12/23/18 - Why you should add resale value to your must-haves list
12/16/18 - Calculating the costs of homeownership
12/09/18 - Does it stay or does it go?
12/02/18 - Why home inspections aren’t only for buyers
11/25/18 - Where you can find reliable real estate information
11/18/18 - Four tips for selling your home during the holidays
11/11/18 - House, condo, or duplex? How to decide which one will be your home
11/04/18 - Do you know what you’re signing? Read the forms and ask questions
10/28/18 - How to Sell a Haunted House
10/21/18 - Deferred repairs can lead to despair
10/14/18 - How an acronym may help you find the right real estate agent
10/07/18 - An open and shut case?
09/30/18 - Stay out of legal trouble during your next real estate deal
09/23/18 - 17 things that can go wrong with your home sale or purchase
09/16/18 - Did you know there are real estate forms other than your sales contract?
09/09/18 - What Buyers and Sellers need to know about Upgrading a Home
09/02/18 - Take care of your credit when applying for a home loan
08/26/18 - Why you should think about selling your home before you buy it
08/19/18 - Consumers Continue Interest in Sustainable Home Features
08/12/18 - What’s the difference between a real estate agent and a REALTOR®?
08/05/18 - Don’t overlook these important matters when buying your first home
07/29/18 - How a home inspection can help save you from surprises after you buy
07/22/18 - Terms you should know when buying your first home
07/15/18 - Get Ahead of the Summer Selling Market
07/08/18 - How to make your offer more attractive… without increasing it
07/01/18 - Do you know who's who in a real estate transaction?
06/24/18 - Thinking about buying your first home? Answer these five questions first
06/17/18 - Homebuyers, you have work to do
06/10/18 - Don’t curb buyers’ first impressions
06/03/18 - The ins and outs of counteroffers
05/27/18 - Sell Your Home This Summer
05/20/18 - How to make the best purchase offer in a seller’s market
05/13/18 - Negotiation tips for your next real estate transaction
05/06/18 - What you should know about buying in a homeowners association
04/29/18 - Top do’s and don’ts when you start real estate negotiations
04/22/18 - What you should know about fair housing