SABOR Sunday Column
San Antonio Board of REALTORS®

These articles appear each Sunday in the Real Estate section of the San Antonio Express News
 12/10/17 - Tips for being a smarter seller
 12/03/17 - Seven mistakes to avoid when pricing your home
 11/26/17 - Can you buy a home if you have bad credit?
 11/19/17 - Don’t go it alone
 11/12/17 - 8 tips to avoid stress when buying a home
 11/05/17 - How Prop 2 helps Texas homeowners like you
 10/29/17 - Why you shouldn’t assume the highest offer for your house is the best one
 10/22/17 - How REALTORS® help Texans feel at home again after Harvey
 10/15/17 - Top questions about earnest money answered
 10/08/17 - What are you asking?
 10/01/17 - Five ways to be a savvy first-time seller
 9/24/17 - Is your home ready to sell? Check these six maintenance issues
 9/17/17 - 3 tips to prepare your house for selling
 9/10/17 - Looking at homes for sale? Avoid these mistakes
 9/03/17 - How to prepare for your next move
 8/27/17 - What it means to be a Texas Real Estate Advocate
 8/20/17 - Eight do’s and don’ts for buying your first home
 8/13/17 - How will different types of buyers affect your sale?
 8/06/17 - Safety Protocols Home Buyers and Sellers Should Expect When Working with a REALTOR®
 7/30/17 - Get Ahead of the Summer Selling Market
 7/23/17 - 3 Easy Ways To Make Your Home More Appealing To Buyers
 7/16/17 - You really can afford to buy a home
 7/09/17 - You’re Not Just Buying The House
 7/02/17 - How To Make The Best Purchase Offer In A Seller’s Market
 6/25/17 - Tips for Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal
 6/18/17 - Moving with Kids: Families Rely on REALTORS®
 6/11/17 - A REALTOR®: Your Key to Buying a Second Home
 6/04/17 - The Myth of the Mortgage Down Payment
 5/28/17 - 3 reasons why a high number of “days on market” may not matter to your home search
 5/21/17 - 5 Tips To Hire The Right Moving Company
 5/14/17 - Calculating The Costs Of Homeownership
 5/07/17 - How to make your offer more attractive
 4/30/17 - Does it stay or does it go?
 4/23/17 - Thinking of selling your home? You have some decisions to make
 4/16/17 - Retiring? Don’t make these real estate mistakes
 4/09/17 - 8 questions to ask prospective listing agents
 4/02/17 - Think you sold your house? Not so fast!
 3/26/17 - Counteroffers and Contracts: Tips to get through unscathed
 3/19/17 - Is it time for you to move?
 3/12/17 - Five Things To Avoid In A Real Estate Transaction
 3/05/17 - Don’t let these home expenses take you - and your budget - by surprise
 2/26/17 - Why You Should Add Resale Value to Your Must-Have List
 2/19/17 - The Best Way to Save Money, Time and Avoid Stress When Selling Your Home
 2/12/17 - 3 Types of Contract Contingencies You Should Know About
 2/05/17 - How To Determine If An Open House Is Right For You
 1/29/17 - How To Lose Thousands Of Dollars On Your Home
 1/22/17 - What do sellers have to disclose to you when you buy a home?
 1/15/17 - How Buyers Can Keep Their Options Open Before Closing
 1/08/17 - Thinking about buying your first home? Answer these five questions first
 1/01/17 - Five Questions To Help You Decide Between A New Or Existing Home
 12/25/16 - Deferred Repairs Can Lead To Despair
 12/18/16 - Four Tips For Selling Your Home During The Holidays
 12/11/16 - 4 Most Frequent Questions From First-Time Homebuyers Answered
 12/04/16 - How staging your home can help you make a sale
 11/27/16 - Just the facts: What buyers and sellers should know about disclosure
 11/20/16 - Top Do’s And Don’ts When You Start Real Estate Negotiations
 11/13/16 - Terms You Should Know When Buying Your First Home
 11/06/16 - House, Condo, or Duplex? How to decide which one will be your home
 10/30/16 - Why Home Inspections Aren’t Only For Buyers
 10/23/16 - The Ins And Outs Of Counteroffers
 10/16/16 - 3 Expensive Mistakes Texas Sellers Are Making
 10/09/16 - How To Choose The Right Agent For Your Real Estate Transaction
 10/02/16 - Four Ways To Make The Home Buying Process Easier
 9/25/16 - Tips For Being A Smarter Seller
 9/18/16 - 3 Of The Most Expensive Mistakes That Texas Homebuyers Make
 9/11/16 - What You Should Know About Buying In A Homeowners Association
 9/04/16 - Four Myths About Selling Your Home
 8/28/16 - 17 Things That Can Go Wrong With Your Home Sale Or Purchase
 8/21/16 - How will different types of buyers affect your sale?
 8/14/16 - Closing The Deal With Ease
 8/07/16 - What are you asking?
 7/31/16 - An open and shut case?
 7/24/16 - Does it stay or does it go?
 7/17/16 - How Homebuyers Can Save Money On Their Home Purchase
 7/10/16 - Looking at homes for sale? Avoid these mistakes!
 7/03/16 - 3 Tips To Prepare Your House For Selling
 6/26/16 - How An Acronym May Help You Find The Right Real Estate Agent
 6/19/16 - Negotiation Tips For Your Next Real Estate Transaction
 6/12/16 - You’re not just buying the house
 6/05/16 - How To Choose A Listing Agent
 5/29/16 - Do you know what you’re signing? Read the forms and ask questions
 5/22/16 - Why You Should Think About Selling Your Home Before You Buy It
 5/15/16 - Where You Can Find Reliable Real Estate Information
 5/08/16 - Take Care Of Your Credit When Applying For A Home Loan
 5/01/16 - Did you know there are real estate forms other than your sales contract?
 4/24/16 - Citywide Open House Weekend Offers Snapshot of Local Housing Market
 4/17/16 - Don’t overlook these important matters when buying your first home
 4/10/16 - 8 Tips To Avoid Stress When Buying A Home
 4/03/16 - What Homebuyers Need To Know About Title Insurance
 3/27/16 - Is your home ready to sell? Check these six maintenance issues
 3/20/16 - Five Ways To Be A Savvy First-Time Seller
 3/13/16 - Top Questions About Earnest Money Answered
 3/06/16 - Top Tips For A Trouble-Free Closing
 2/28/16 - Seven Mistakes To Avoid When Pricing Your Home
 2/21/16 - Thinking about buying your first home? Answer these five questions first
 2/14/16 - Why you shouldn’t assume the highest offer for your house is best
 2/07/16 - Homebuyers, You have work to do
 1/31/16 - The Biggest Mistakes Sellers Make
 1/24/16 - Four Reasons to Buy a Home in 2016
 1/17/16 - Don’t Curb Buyers’ First Impressions
 1/10/16 - What Buyers & Sellers Need to Know About Upgrading a Home
 1/03/16 - 3 Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Appealing to Buyers