March 28, 2017

SABOR Statement: Special Membership Meeting on April 5

The San Antonio Board of REALTORS® (SABOR) will hold a special membership meeting on April 5 to consider a petition enacted by the Board of Directors seeking the removal of the Chairman and Chair-Elect, in accordance with Article XI, Section 9 of SABOR’s bylaws. All members of the Board of Directors are REALTOR® members of SABOR who have volunteered for their positions. Once the petitions were received, they were presented each to the Chairman and Chair-Elect.

The April 5 meeting is open to all eligible voting members of SABOR, which are primary and secondary REALTOR® members. After discussion, these members will vote on whether or not to remove the Chairman and Chair-Elect. The removal of an officer cannot be put into effect unless three-fourths of the members present at the meeting vote for the removal. A quorum is the number of members in attendance.

SABOR’s CEO and staff act as an administrator of the Bylaws, policies and procedures and remain neutral in the proceedings.

Until discussion at the April 5 meeting is concluded, and a decision is voted upon by members, any comments, including posts on social media, are speculation. Only information released by the Communications Department of the San Antonio Board of REALTORS® should be considered official information.

The Process Article XI, Section 9 of SABOR’s Bylaws state, “In the event that an Officer or Director is deemed to be incapable of fulfilling the duties for which elected, but will not resign from office voluntarily, the Officer or Director may be removed from office.” The bylaws outline the process for removal:
   •  A petition signed by at least one-third of the voting membership or a majority of all Directors that states the reasons the individual is deemed to be disqualified from further service
   •  A special meeting of the voting membership of the Board within 20 – 45 days of the receipt of the petition
   •  A notice to all voting members at least 10 days in advance of the meeting.

To view the entire process outlined in the bylaws, visit If you have any questions regarding the April 5 meeting or the process, please contact SABOR’s Communications Department at or 210-593-1200 ext. 136.

As always, SABOR’s primary focus is to serve its membership and seeks to maintain the utmost professionalism and adherence to policies in this and any other proceedings.

About SABOR: The San Antonio Board of REALTORS® is the largest professional trade association in San Antonio and represents over 10,000 REALTOR®members. SABOR’s membership services nine counties including Bexar, Atascosa, Frio, Karnes, Kendall, LaSalle, McMullen, Medina and Wilson. SABOR is one of over 1,200 local boards and 54 state and territory organizations of REALTORS® nationwide that make up the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR).