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Buying a Home

If you're thinking of purchasing a home, you’ve come to the right place! Whether this will be your first home purchase or you are a seasoned buyer, we’ve got some handy tips and guides to help answer your most pressing questions and hopefully give you some peace of mind as you look for your perfect property. Browse our resources below and when you’re ready to start your home search, use our property search feature on our homepage to get started. Happy hunting!


Getting Started

Do you know what you’ll need when you’re ready to start shopping? Use our checklist and get familiar with the common terms you’ll hear.


Understanding Mortgages and Home Buying Costs

How you’ll pay for your home is probably top of mind, and you likely have a lot of questions. Find out more about what you need to prepare for when budgeting and finding a mortgage. 


Making an Offer

Deciding to make an offer on a home is exciting and can be overwhelming. These tips can help you during the offer stage of the home buying process.



Your Offer is Accepted. Now What?

It’s exciting to have your offer accepted, and it’s one step closer to calling that home your own. But you’re not done yet. Find out what you need to know after your offer is accepted.



It’s closing day! Are you excited? This means you’ll be getting the keys to your new home. But it also means a lot of papers to sign. Here are some tips and insights to make sure you’re prepared when you get to the closing table.


After the Sale

Start packing because you’re ready to move! It’s time to make that home your own. Check out our tips for what you should do as soon as you have the keys.