What you need to know about COVID-19 and real estate | San Antonio Real Estate-SABOR-San Antonio Board Of Realtors®


San Antonio Area REALTORS® Ready to Assist Buyers and Sellers, Taking Extra Precautions During Pandemic 

Even during the rapidly changing environment amidst COVID-19 concerns, San Antonio Area REALTORS® are well-positioned to continue serving clients. REALTORS® and other real estate service providers continue to ensure buyers and sellers have all the services they need to complete their real estate transactions safely and efficiently. 



“Social distancing” has become the norm, and in response San Antonio area REALTORS® are able to assist in real estate transactions by creating virtual property tours and conducting video chats to allow buyers to see properties in a realistic way online. REALTORS® can also conduct virtual presentations with sellers. 


REALTORS® also have access to electronic documents to enable buyers and sellers to sign paperwork to minimize in-person contact. In fact, much of the transaction was able to be conducted online already, even before COVID-19. 


With the increased use of technology, however, buyers and sellers should remain vigilant against scams. If a buyer or seller receives a document for e-signature, they should verify with their REALTOR® by phone before signing. And before sending money, buyers and sellers should always call their title company using an independently verified number to confirm wiring instructions. 



During property showings and inspections, REALTORS® are encouraging the following to prevent the spread of disease. 

  • Having all parties wash hands and/or use hand sanitizer before and after entering a home 

  • Asking buyers to avoid touching anything in the home 

  • Canceling or postponing showings if buyers or sellers or others are sick 

  • Opening all interior doors prior to showings to minimize the need for buyers to touch door handles 

  • Turning on all lights before showings to prevent touching light switches 

  • Disinfecting all door handles and high-touch areas prior to and after showings 

  • Having all parties stand six feet away from each other during showings 



Congress passed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act on March 18. This legislation mainly addresses employment issues, and the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) expects legislation targeting the overall economy to come later. NAR is also urging Congressional leaders to include support for self-employed professionals and other small business owners.  

We will continue to advocate on behalf of REALTORS®, as small business owners and the self-employed are crucial to the growth and stability of our economy.  



Real estate closings continue to take place each day, and the demand for real estate remains high. San Antonio area REALTORS® stand ready to help consumers navigate the market and transaction.